TAWANTINSUYO – AYNI – MUNAY: The core center for Inca shamanism:

A training programme to become a Pampamesayoq: caretaker of our Mother Earth.
Beautiful teachings right from the source. Become an apprentice of the paqo´s.

After the fall of the Inca Empire more then 500 years ago there was a group of people that fled up into the mountains of the Andes to safeguard their ancient tradition of wisdom, healing and ceremony. They were isolated at 5000 meters high for 500 years as a myth of a people that disappeared during the siege of the Inca Empire by Spanish conquistadors.
Around 35 years ago these people listened to their ancient prophecies of the changes in the earth and the changes of growth within the western people. For the first time in 500 years they started to walk down from the mountains to be in service for their people and the world once again. Now with the help of Karina Davalos Concha they are traveling to Europe teaching us their ancient wisdom. They come to help us to step into a journey of how to walk the path of the heart, to learn how to understand the gifts of life, humbleness, reciprocity and that we all have the choice to recreate our life. As they say; we now during the changes of the cosmos have the opportunity to dream a new world into being for ourselves and for the earth. We all have the opportunity to grow new seed for ourselves, seed that will blossom as we grow into finding our own souls journey.

This path of the heart allows you to learn how to walk with clarity, balance and beauty on Mother Earth. The Inca Q’eros will be your teachers, guiding you through a journey to heal yourself, which gives you the opportunity to heal others. As you step into the Paqo training of Q´ero Medicine you will se that this is not really training. You are committing to follow the path and teachings of the paqo’s and of course you will be trained on the path.
They will teach and guide you how to walk as a keeper of the earth witch is also related to your true path, who you really are and brings the gifts of your soul into reality.

We are honoured to invite you to step into this Inca shamanic tradition of Wisdom, Healing and a profound personal development. Learn ancient, sacred, deep cleansing processes and initiations to heal the past and to connect with the gifts of your becoming.

We welcome you to step into the Q´ero Paqos own training; Paqo training of Q´ero Medicine: The core center for Inca shamanism.

Start a training beyond words & join us in October 2019

Enrollment and registration:

Place: Ängsbacka kursgård: Nyeds-backa 511, 660 60, Molkom;
Investment: 13.000 Sek

Victor Forselius – Hatun Apuchen:
SMS: 004676 – 8 47 83 51


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