The Roots of Man, A Spiritual Heritage and a World of Living Energy

Approximately 25,000-30,000 years ago, a people in the Himalayas started journeying westward, across the plains of China, into Siberia and across the frozen Bering Straits to North America. They were a people of deep spiritual wisdom and ancient knowledge, who over time spread through North America, Central America and eventually down into South America. Here, many different cultures formed but they all shared a large and important part of their tradition in common: They all believed that we live in a universe where life itself expresses itself through creation. Everything is one and life itself is sacred. Meaning that everything that is born of creation has a soul and lives in reciprocity through a huge network of living energy. The Q’ero people are descendants from a line of medicine men/ women and healers, who traveled 14,000 years ago to North America. The Q’ero look at our universe in the same way as their ancestors did, their spiritual philosophies and their prophecies are in many ways identical to, for example, to those found in cultures like Hopi, Maya, Aztecs, Tibetan Buddhism, as well as their own ancestors- the Inca people.

From their ancestors, they inherit a tradition of soul and live in a world of living energy. In Shamanic traditions we see that everything in the universe lives; rivers, mountains, trees and all people have a deep contact with the spirit of life.

Imagine there exists a huge ocean of light in the universe. If you fill a glass with this light, you would see the same light but in another form. If you now take a new glass and do the same, you would have the same light again, but again in a different form. If you then take a container that is shaped in a completely different way, you would still see that it contains exactly the same light and energy, but once again, in a new form.

This is how we see all life on earth and in the universe. Every human being is a unique water glass of this infinite ocean of light that is expresses differently. A table in front of you, a wick of a candle, or the textiles around you are shaped and created by man but made of material from the earth. We have created and given them a form, but they are still objects that carry the same light that exists within you. Everything we see around us is crystallized particles of universal light that have taken form.

In the west, modern man inherits a tradition where we live in an anonymous and material world without soul. We learn that we live in a physical world where linear time controls our evolution and our physical reality. The world expresses itself through cells and molecules carrying important information within themselves and how lives are passed through generations of cell division. We learn through biology that evolution occurs between generations. We also know that thanks to our limbic mind, we can feel and perceive this human experience, and life through certain senses linked to our feelings. The Q’ero people and Shaman cultures agree with this view of how life expresses itself; but only within the framework of linear time and our physical and emotional experience.

The Q’ero people as well as Shaman cultures instead have inherited a tradition of soul; where we live in a world of living energy in reciprocity. There is nothing that does not carry on a soul, everything is another ”Spirit,” and that a spirit exists in every creation; In oceans, in mountains, in flowers and in animals etc. They grow up and see a world of energy as real as it is for us in the West to not perceive this invisible world beside us. They believe that we are all spiritual beings that have a human experience- not humans who have a spiritual experience! That we all are drops of light from one and the same infinite ocean. They believe that the spirit exists only as energy but that it expresses itself through our soul, which affects the brain and, in turn, controls the body, cells and our physical experience. One can say that they experience life through a twice as deep level than Western belief. They see a plane of reality that we perceive as truth but they also believe that there are two to deeper vibration / levels that exist, which also control our physical reality.

The shamans believe that we live in a universe that is shaped around us and actively responds all the time. For the shaman, it means developing a relationship of Ayni between themselves and all living in the world and in the universe. Ayni is a Quechua word from the Inca period meaning; Sacred Reciprocity. The shaman is like a gardener who walks on a land where everything is sacred, where no place is

holier than another. The shaman’s task is to take care of the sacredness of creation and to carry it through life and to act from that place in the heart where you feel that everything is precious to you. To create a holy reciprocity with everything that exists in the living energy network.

Ayni means: Developing a dialogue through action that makes the universe reflect the condition, love, will, purpose and action of our soul. The universe reflects that which we are in our true essence. In this place of Ayni and holy reciprocity, a shaman creates a balance where he walks and takes care of all beings carrying a soul. We give life force through reciprocity to the mountains, and in return they respond and can hold us and our fellowman in power, security and protection. We give life force through reciprocity to the earth so that she can keep us in fertility, good health and life. It’s about loving from the deepest place of balance and harmony in our soul. To always help others through the deepest vibrations of the heart and without the ulterior motives. Ayni is to let our brain, heart and soul melt together. To walk in our centre and keep holy reciprocity inside and outside us.

If every human being is a water drop from the same ocean, it means we are all one and carry a part of the creation within us. Hierarchy as part of belief systems and worldview fails under these foundations and we understand that we are the creation and carry on its power of creation. Every person who walks past you is a spirit who has taken a unique form and where a soul lives in the person’s energy fields and guides her while it explores life. Shamans strives to walk impeccably; not to judge when we know that if we judge someone or something; we judge the creation, ourselves and the person’s unique journey on earth.
We understand that every person’s journey is his biggest journey. For Shamans, there is nothing more meaningful nor more important than something else, no differences between people, skin colour or sexual orientation. All of these ‘differences’ come from judgemental ethics and moral values which all contribute to judgements on what we believe is true. This belief system comes from our minds and is based on the past, family, culture and heavy experiences which have shaped our realities.

We are all unique, beautiful and one with the creation that expresses itself through that particular person. Therefore, one can say that we humans are all brothers and sisters with each other. One and the same person. You love your family, so why not understand how everyone is a single big family and to love and feel that place of deep fellowship.

We no longer need to seek or worship a god outside of us with the great power we believe created everything. We just need to find the essence of god or creation within ourselves, e.g find our “real me” and get to know them. Then we can create in deep contact with our true essence and realise the power we actually possess. To understand that it is our responsibility to find and stand for beautiful aspects within ourselves. By finding peace, happiness and love within ourselves, instead of looking for it outside of us, we contribute to healing the network of living energy. Your inner world controls how you experience your external world. Who you are creates your world, not what you say.

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