It was time for me to re-waken

A beautiful spring day in Hudiksvall amongst soft and warm fragrances from oils, I found a book. I was strolling around in a newly opened spiritual store and a white book with colored patterns on the front caught my attention. 

The book was written by Alberto Villoldo and was called Shamanic Healing. (Alberto was a young professor that was studying the brain and realised that he could not find all of the answers about the structure of the brain and mind through just studying and examining the brain. He had heard about native populations and shamans that through energy could redirect the body’s energy flows and affect a person’s senses through energy. Since he could not find all of the answers to the mysteries of the brain in a lab he bought a pair of boots in order to travel and start studying of these native people. He eventually ended up with the Inca descendants high up in the mountains of the Andes. He has now been studying them for over 25 years.

I remember picking up the book and thinking that the book sounded like a fact book about the Incas. The topic of ‘Shamanism’ didn’t however seem interest me and I reacted in the same way to the word ‘healing’. I put the book away but I could not stop thinking of it and the word ‘Inca’. I went back and forth in the store but again and again I found myself standing by the shelf holding and turning the pages of this book.

Eventually I decided not to buy it and left the store. When the door closed behind me and I heard the doorbell, I had a strong feeling that I must have it, that I needed it. I went back in and bought it and just as I started to read the book I already knew what it was about. Everything that I read was just a reminder of a knowledge that I was unbelievably familiar with, a reminder of my inner truth and valuations. That was the day when the calling to listen to my souls desire to deeply steer my life in another direction.

It didn’t take me long before I contacted The Four Winds Society which is a school that Alberto Villoldo founded, to be able to share the Inca Shamans’ teachings. They helped me to get in contact with one of their organizers here in Sweden, who in turn helped me to find the way closer to my dream.

Half a year before my high school graduation would be completed, the calling to redirect my life was so strong that I could not think of anything else despite not having been participating in any courses. I contacted the school’s headmaster and took a study break to be able to work, get a fulltime job and get a bank loan to pay for the shamanic education. I was driven by a new feeling and vision, completely unaware but still so aware of what was awaiting me. I later went on my first course and the change I experienced there cannot be described in words.

To quit my high school education is one of the most important choices I’ve made. I listened to my souls calling and stepped in to a world that I’d been longing for all of my life. I was now home again, on my way towards the destiny that is created by my dreams.

”Shamanic Healing by Alberto Villoldo. The book that woke my souls calling and reminded it of the life that we know deep down inside that we’re supposed to be living. My soul’s journey started and my strive for a more beautiful world commenced.”

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