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Reneé Eriksson – Illiari Chaska

1For all of my life I have felt a little left out, not really fitting in… Which itself has been  a gift as it has brought me to always search for something/someone. This someone has of course been myself, my true essence and this something loved to be the Inca shamanic tradition.

It took me 47 years before I came in contact with Victor Forselius through a lecture and healing session in Söderhamn 2012. When I hear Victor speak Quechua (The Q’ero native’s language) my soul woke, it was the song my soul had been waiting for. Now I have taken almost all of Victors classes and walked with him and the natives in the holy mountains in Peru. For me every day is a gift where I through my transformation can spread ripples on the water and be in service to others. First we heal ourselves and then our brothers and sisters, for who can heal from a wounded place?

Today I assist Victor in his educations and courses while at the same time going deeper in my own healing through his master classes. To walk by Victor’s side is a great gift, to be there for my brothers and sisters on their beautiful journey. It cannot be explained in words how this path has transformed my life, how I walk, think and act differently… but then again this is the path of the heart! From the deepest depth of my heart I wish you welcome to start walking the path that leads home to your soul, your true essence.

During my hike in Peru 2013 I got my name Illiari Chaska by Don Dante. It was by the mountain Apu Ausangate that is around 5000 meters high amongst the holy mountains of Peru. Back then it was just a beautiful name that I did not know much about, more than that it was Mercury. During my healing journey I have gotten a deeper contact with the name and understand now that it is a big part of my healing. Illiari Chaska is Mercury, the morning star that cleanses and enlightens, lights up the path that you/we are walking. I have been given the name as an amazing tool to remember who I am and that I am not my ancestor’s wounds or patterns. I am Illiari Chaska and I’m here to live. It is with great humility that I carry my name and with great humility I look forward to understanding the magnitude and feeling of my name.

I have stopped searching and has found home, to myself and my brothers and sisters.

Tukuy Sonqomanta: From all of my heart// Illiari Chaska

Marie Palmlöf – Q´omer Q´ente


During all my grown life I have been searching. What I didn’t know back then- was that I was searching for myself.

After a lecture with Victor Forselius a couple of years ago my whole life changed. I had come home. A deep inner journey started right then and there. My feeling of coming home to myself after the educations I have taken and still takes is enormous. Physical pain and blackings in my body and soul that has disappeared, from feeling an emptiness and what the meaning with my life was, to really feel like today Im alive! It is a journey and feeling beyond words.

When I got to know myself in depth I also knew what I wanted and didn’t want. So I quit my job and bet everything on starting my own company. A dream that now has become true. Salong Hela dig (Salon Heal You, hairdresser/Inca shamanic energy medicine). To be a practicing shaman now gives me the privilege to help other people further in contact with their own higher true self and for that I am very grateful.

My dream is to belt other people find precisely their special life purpose and meaning in existence. To break old patterns, clear blockages and to make them bloom into the beautiful creature they are. To give others the same possibility I have been given to find themselves, so that they without limitations can live their lives to the fullest.

As Qomer Qenti (the green hummingbird) Im carrying the nectar of life in contact to my inner star and soul. The hummingbird which is the smallest bird on earth and is still throwing itself out on an impossible journey to follow it’s hears calling. Q’omer Qenti has the ability to open closed hearts and build bridges between people. Compassion and the nectar of love is my strength, my calling, my mission on earth to share.

Tukuy Munay Niyoq <3 <3 <3 From the deepest vibrations of my heart.

Reneé and Marie assists me during many of my courses but especially during my deepest and longest education: The Medicine Wheel.

It is with gratitude I hold them in my heart, as they walk the path by my side and are deepening their knowledge within the Inca Shamanic energy medicine. We are walking together through a journey beyond words, a journey where we together strive towards following this medicine from a deep place of integrity, love and humility to be in service for our fellows and the world.

All around Sweden I have more amazing organizers and friends that help me to reach many other people’s hearts and soul. I also have a deep gratitude in my heart for you and how you walk in service for the medicine and our fellows.

They are also recommended for booking healing sessions during the times that I’m not in this part of Sweden.

Reneé Eriksson: Responsible for the whole of Karlstad as assistant on courses as well as organizer for hearings, lectures and ceremonial nights. She is also my head organizer for the website and personal contact.
Phone: 0046 702 38 83 61

Agneta Arnfridsson: Organizing healings, lectures and ceremonial nights.
Phone: 0046 703 28 60 24

Marie Palmlöf: Assisting on courses as well as organizer for courses..
Phone: 0046 730 27 38 50

Helena Johansson: Organizing healings, lectures and ceremonial nights.
Phone: 0046 767 82 46 60

Katarina Forsberg Pettersson: Organizing healings, lectures and ceremonial nights.
Phone: 0046 735 60 44 33

Kristianstad/ Åhus:
Åse Lövqvist: Organizing healings, lectures and ceremonial nights.
Phone: 0046 708 42 59 00

Helena Danielsson: Organiserare för healingar, föreläsningar & ceremonikvällar.
Tel: 0703 15 71 82

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