Inca Shamanic Energymedicine and Healing

During my journey with the Inca Q’ero shamans, they have taught me their ancient wisdom about our energy field and it’s anatomy. We know that the body has organs and is a complex and fascinating mechanism but when I’m now studying the energy field I can see how this anatomy is at least as profound and complex as our physical body.  We wide range of tools and can use different treatments to heal our clients depending on whether the problem is mental, physical or spiritual.

In Inca shamanic energy medicine we can see that the spiritual health has a huge impact on your physical health, as what you are carrying energy wise affects and manifests how you live, think and lead your life.

Our energy field holds the significance for our health

Around our physical body there is an energy field that is holding the information of our physical, emotional and spiritual self. Just like a computer’s hardware/software that is controlling how the computer operates.

During an energy healing we are picking off the dense energies that have been created by emotional, genetic or karmic experiences in this or previous lives. These experiences and heavy energies leave imprints in our energy field. Heavy energies can be stored through the passage of time and disrupt the flow of energy that is meant to flow freely through our energy field, chakras and physical body.

When perform a healing, we heal the client’s cells where the impressions from past memories are carried. If impressions are activated and opened through life situations, confusion, pain or imbalance are felt in the heart. By then expressing these heavy emotions, they begin to create and produce heavy energy within ourselves that has a real and detrimental effect within our physical bodies. Self-made heavy energy is also manifested via our thoughts, depending on the place within ourselves, how we see opportunities or limitations, and how these thoughts influence these choices and life situations. Through years of training with the Paqo’s, I have learned to read the energy flow of the body and what basically informs what is written in the body’s cells. Within our cells both light and heavy memories can exist, and both still affect the client and also indirectly the client’s family.

Healing life situations from the past is the key to controlling your emotions, feelings and beliefs. It allows you to break free from how your past influences you and permeates your future and your perceptions of what is reasonable, likely or possible. You change your relationship to life itself, and break free from the various constraints and underlying beliefs that control your choices in life. When the brain is healed, it will hold the body’s cells in a new healed place, and when the next cell divisions occurs, that healed information is used begin to building a new healed body. A new body that is no longer controlled or lives by the events of your past but instead becomes a new body and the result of the one you want to be and will be in the future.

Since energies are not often perceived by our physical eyes, it is hard to know how we are affected by them. The only way for our energy field to make us aware of what energy we carry with us, is to show us through emotional and physical situations or challenges in our lives. By cleansing and transforming the energies within us that create symptoms like ill health, the energy field can be healed. The immune system is rebuilt from this new site, allowing the body to start healing itself. After thousands of healing sessions with clients, I have seen over and over again, how things which are deemed “incurable”; have been healed! Patterns that have affect clients and students their whole life, have changed within in a few sessions. This ancient way of healing goes deep and will affect all aspects

of how you perceive yourself, others, and life itself. The shifts you make through deep healing change and control how you live, age and how one day will leave your life.

Inka Shaman Healing writes about the programmed pillars that manifest your reality. As you change these, you no longer live as a result of your past, but instead become the result of the one you want to be and will be in the future.

Behind every problem is a spiritual solution

The more healing sessions you go through, the deeper the healing you can reach. The more you clean the energy body, the greater the changes in life. As you go deeper into healing, your soul expands and opens up more which allows you to see, become more conscious and manifest life from a whole new place. Instead of living in heavy memories that manifest a life which feels empty and unrewarding, now you can find deeper security, strength and realise you amazing potential, that you could never before see or feel.

Imagine your own potential if you could let go of the past and instead meet life from a new place where you create every day through joy, security and balance. The cleaner the energy field, the greater the shift you experience in life.

If you book a healing session, I recommend that after an integration period of approximately one month you have two more healing sessions. This is because, for the first healing, we cleanse your energy field and ”prepare the earth”. The second healing, we plant the new seeds of new possibilities in your life and the third healing we get these seeds and the opportunities to flower in life. After these three times, you can always continue the healing to get in touch with deeper parts of yourself and then even come when you feel it is necessary.

You do not need to believe in ‘Inca healing’ in order for a healing to work. This is because everyone has an energy field, regardless of whether or not you believe in it. The important thing is that you as a client want to be healed from that which is affecting you and your life negatively. I can not help a client quit smoking if the client does not want to quit. Through your intention for physical, mental and spiritual health, I can guide you to a new place of new opportunities. From there, with your new tools and the relationship with life, you can choose to walk your own path.


It was time for me to re-waken

A beautiful spring day in Hudiksvall amongst soft and warm fragrances from oils, I found a book. I was strolling around in a newly opened spiritual store and a white book with colored patterns on the front caught my attention. 

The book was written by Alberto Villoldo and was called Shamanic Healing. (Alberto was a young professor that was studying the brain and realised that he could not find all of the answers about the structure of the brain and mind through just studying and examining the brain. He had heard about native populations and shamans that through energy could redirect the body’s energy flows and affect a person’s senses through energy. Since he could not find all of the answers to the mysteries of the brain in a lab he bought a pair of boots in order to travel and start studying of these native people. He eventually ended up with the Inca descendants high up in the mountains of the Andes. He has now been studying them for over 25 years.

I remember picking up the book and thinking that the book sounded like a fact book about the Incas. The topic of ‘Shamanism’ didn’t however seem interest me and I reacted in the same way to the word ‘healing’. I put the book away but I could not stop thinking of it and the word ‘Inca’. I went back and forth in the store but again and again I found myself standing by the shelf holding and turning the pages of this book.

Eventually I decided not to buy it and left the store. When the door closed behind me and I heard the doorbell, I had a strong feeling that I must have it, that I needed it. I went back in and bought it and just as I started to read the book I already knew what it was about. Everything that I read was just a reminder of a knowledge that I was unbelievably familiar with, a reminder of my inner truth and valuations. That was the day when the calling to listen to my souls desire to deeply steer my life in another direction.

It didn’t take me long before I contacted The Four Winds Society which is a school that Alberto Villoldo founded, to be able to share the Inca Shamans’ teachings. They helped me to get in contact with one of their organizers here in Sweden, who in turn helped me to find the way closer to my dream.

Half a year before my high school graduation would be completed, the calling to redirect my life was so strong that I could not think of anything else despite not having been participating in any courses. I contacted the school’s headmaster and took a study break to be able to work, get a fulltime job and get a bank loan to pay for the shamanic education. I was driven by a new feeling and vision, completely unaware but still so aware of what was awaiting me. I later went on my first course and the change I experienced there cannot be described in words.

To quit my high school education is one of the most important choices I’ve made. I listened to my souls calling and stepped in to a world that I’d been longing for all of my life. I was now home again, on my way towards the destiny that is created by my dreams.

”Shamanic Healing by Alberto Villoldo. The book that woke my souls calling and reminded it of the life that we know deep down inside that we’re supposed to be living. My soul’s journey started and my strive for a more beautiful world commenced.”


The Roots of Man, A Spiritual Heritage and a World of Living Energy

Approximately 25,000-30,000 years ago, a people in the Himalayas started journeying westward, across the plains of China, into Siberia and across the frozen Bering Straits to North America. They were a people of deep spiritual wisdom and ancient knowledge, who over time spread through North America, Central America and eventually down into South America. Here, many different cultures formed but they all shared a large and important part of their tradition in common: They all believed that we live in a universe where life itself expresses itself through creation. Everything is one and life itself is sacred. Meaning that everything that is born of creation has a soul and lives in reciprocity through a huge network of living energy. The Q’ero people are descendants from a line of medicine men/ women and healers, who traveled 14,000 years ago to North America. The Q’ero look at our universe in the same way as their ancestors did, their spiritual philosophies and their prophecies are in many ways identical to, for example, to those found in cultures like Hopi, Maya, Aztecs, Tibetan Buddhism, as well as their own ancestors- the Inca people.

From their ancestors, they inherit a tradition of soul and live in a world of living energy. In Shamanic traditions we see that everything in the universe lives; rivers, mountains, trees and all people have a deep contact with the spirit of life.

Imagine there exists a huge ocean of light in the universe. If you fill a glass with this light, you would see the same light but in another form. If you now take a new glass and do the same, you would have the same light again, but again in a different form. If you then take a container that is shaped in a completely different way, you would still see that it contains exactly the same light and energy, but once again, in a new form.

This is how we see all life on earth and in the universe. Every human being is a unique water glass of this infinite ocean of light that is expresses differently. A table in front of you, a wick of a candle, or the textiles around you are shaped and created by man but made of material from the earth. We have created and given them a form, but they are still objects that carry the same light that exists within you. Everything we see around us is crystallized particles of universal light that have taken form.

In the west, modern man inherits a tradition where we live in an anonymous and material world without soul. We learn that we live in a physical world where linear time controls our evolution and our physical reality. The world expresses itself through cells and molecules carrying important information within themselves and how lives are passed through generations of cell division. We learn through biology that evolution occurs between generations. We also know that thanks to our limbic mind, we can feel and perceive this human experience, and life through certain senses linked to our feelings. The Q’ero people and Shaman cultures agree with this view of how life expresses itself; but only within the framework of linear time and our physical and emotional experience.

The Q’ero people as well as Shaman cultures instead have inherited a tradition of soul; where we live in a world of living energy in reciprocity. There is nothing that does not carry on a soul, everything is another ”Spirit,” and that a spirit exists in every creation; In oceans, in mountains, in flowers and in animals etc. They grow up and see a world of energy as real as it is for us in the West to not perceive this invisible world beside us. They believe that we are all spiritual beings that have a human experience- not humans who have a spiritual experience! That we all are drops of light from one and the same infinite ocean. They believe that the spirit exists only as energy but that it expresses itself through our soul, which affects the brain and, in turn, controls the body, cells and our physical experience. One can say that they experience life through a twice as deep level than Western belief. They see a plane of reality that we perceive as truth but they also believe that there are two to deeper vibration / levels that exist, which also control our physical reality.

The shamans believe that we live in a universe that is shaped around us and actively responds all the time. For the shaman, it means developing a relationship of Ayni between themselves and all living in the world and in the universe. Ayni is a Quechua word from the Inca period meaning; Sacred Reciprocity. The shaman is like a gardener who walks on a land where everything is sacred, where no place is

holier than another. The shaman’s task is to take care of the sacredness of creation and to carry it through life and to act from that place in the heart where you feel that everything is precious to you. To create a holy reciprocity with everything that exists in the living energy network.

Ayni means: Developing a dialogue through action that makes the universe reflect the condition, love, will, purpose and action of our soul. The universe reflects that which we are in our true essence. In this place of Ayni and holy reciprocity, a shaman creates a balance where he walks and takes care of all beings carrying a soul. We give life force through reciprocity to the mountains, and in return they respond and can hold us and our fellowman in power, security and protection. We give life force through reciprocity to the earth so that she can keep us in fertility, good health and life. It’s about loving from the deepest place of balance and harmony in our soul. To always help others through the deepest vibrations of the heart and without the ulterior motives. Ayni is to let our brain, heart and soul melt together. To walk in our centre and keep holy reciprocity inside and outside us.

If every human being is a water drop from the same ocean, it means we are all one and carry a part of the creation within us. Hierarchy as part of belief systems and worldview fails under these foundations and we understand that we are the creation and carry on its power of creation. Every person who walks past you is a spirit who has taken a unique form and where a soul lives in the person’s energy fields and guides her while it explores life. Shamans strives to walk impeccably; not to judge when we know that if we judge someone or something; we judge the creation, ourselves and the person’s unique journey on earth.
We understand that every person’s journey is his biggest journey. For Shamans, there is nothing more meaningful nor more important than something else, no differences between people, skin colour or sexual orientation. All of these ‘differences’ come from judgemental ethics and moral values which all contribute to judgements on what we believe is true. This belief system comes from our minds and is based on the past, family, culture and heavy experiences which have shaped our realities.

We are all unique, beautiful and one with the creation that expresses itself through that particular person. Therefore, one can say that we humans are all brothers and sisters with each other. One and the same person. You love your family, so why not understand how everyone is a single big family and to love and feel that place of deep fellowship.

We no longer need to seek or worship a god outside of us with the great power we believe created everything. We just need to find the essence of god or creation within ourselves, e.g find our “real me” and get to know them. Then we can create in deep contact with our true essence and realise the power we actually possess. To understand that it is our responsibility to find and stand for beautiful aspects within ourselves. By finding peace, happiness and love within ourselves, instead of looking for it outside of us, we contribute to healing the network of living energy. Your inner world controls how you experience your external world. Who you are creates your world, not what you say.


A Shamans Journey: The Medicine Wheel ”Hatun Taiwantinsuyukuna”
November 16 -21, 2022

The Medicine Wheel is a deep healing process where you learn practical healing exercises as well as the beautiful wisdom that helps us to see the world with new eyes. The education is divided into 4 one-week classes with a five months gap in between them where you get practical exercises to take home with you so that you can integrate the wisdom into your lives. These 4 courses awaken a personal transformation where the course needs to be completed as planned so that the commenced process within you does not get interrupted.

In between these courses after approximately 2.5 months a personal Skype meeting with me is included where I coach you for one hour. During this coaching we will go through your personal process and strengthen your life situation. You also get an included healing where we prepare personal exercises until the next course which starts after another 2.5 months. This addition will deepen and strengthen your process, as well as give you support and guidance while you walk through the education. In between courses you will also be held under my wings and have a direct contact with my assisting shaman who is also available to guide you during deep and personal process.

After one has taken this class the possibility of more in depth classes, ”masterclasses”, opens up a deeper journey to be able to walk as a shaman/paqo and to take part in the Inca natives traditional and deepest secrets. I have a deep respect for the force of the Andes, my brothers and sisters the Q’eros and the tradition’s origin. My goal is to keep this tradition and energy medicine pure and unchanged from it’s source as the natives have kept it for thousands of years in the Andes. Through a new time and era on Earth, the wisdoms is shared in order to help and heal those who feel the call from their heart. In order to be able to hold this pure energy and understand it, practice and discipline is required, which you get from walking through the medicine wheel. To walk as a shaman is not a quick fix, but a transforming life journey of exploring life. A journey to understand the power of the four winds and to use it through healing oneself on deep levels, like healing the ego, fears, power abuse, triggers and to be able to look with honesty on one’s own hidden and judging aspects within us.

When we reach this place of walking with true impeccability, integrity and infinite power the masterclasses opens up to now be able to take the journey of being a true steward of the Inca shamanic traditions deep wisdom and to heal/direct energy through authentic treatments. To become one with the lineage of medicine men and women from the Andes.

The Big Medicine Wheel ”Hatun Taiwantinsuyokuna”:

South: The shaman is clearing his past and his history the same way as a snake sheds its skin. Here you learn to transform your deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion. You are initiated and woven into a lineage of medicine men and women who heal, follow and guides you on your way through life. Here you learn the process of Illumination and how you erase prints of karma and sickness from the energy field. Through these powerful healing techniques you learn how to heal deep levels of your being.

West:The shaman breaks free from the fears that follow us through life and learns how to travel beyond death. When you heal the baggage that you inherited from your family, you break free from generations of curses that are past on in legacy from parent to child. Here you discover the way of the peaceful warrior and the practice of non-judging which in turn lets you create and live in a world of peace. Experience and learn how you extract harmful energies that has penetrated your energy field. Learn how to lighten these dense energies and to eliminate them from the people and situations in your life.

North: The shaman travels through infinity, places outside of time and space. You lose your restrictions and preconceived ideas and master the wisdom-teachings of invisibility, to master time and to hold a secret. Here you travel out in the infinite to bring back pieces of your soul and re-discover the sources of your wounds that are holding you back from your destiny- the destiny created by your dreams. Learn how to change and rewrite your souls contract so that you can live a life of abundance and prosperity.

East: he shaman knows how to ”dream the world into manifestation”. Here you learn how to master energy and it’s intent which creates your reality. You learn the rites of death, discovering the paths that brings us to the life after this one to help a dear friend on her last journey. The rite of death teaches you how to walk gracefully through the transitions of life, resurrection after a challenging time and into a world of universal flow. Into a world of spiritual consciousness.

3 deepening classes ”Masterclasses”:

These classes start a deepening learning within oneself that is designed by me and the Q’ero natives through deep experience of how we walk in contact with a network of energy around us. To walk as a Paqo is to walk as a steward and bringer of balance to your people, family, your community, the country, all animals and all life on earth.

Here all of your treatments are deepened and you get a greater knowledge of the anatomy of the energy field, healing treatments, to read signs through readings, and to walk with greater power and how you affect and direct energy through your soul from a place of balance and reciprocity.

Keeper of the earth: The shaman lives side by side with nature spirits and if he finds the right balance these will assist her in the work of his clients healing as well as his own path on earth. Learn how to use the energy of the nature and forces to heal the wounds from our past, to fully step into the Inca shamanic tradition’s way of working with the collective mother. Learn how to walk the path as an earth keeper, to walk as a steward of the new time, steward of the earth.

To read the signs of destiny: Learn how to recognize and adapt with the signs that is shown through nature, randomness and happenings in our daily lives. Then you study the art of looking through the eyes of a shaman and perceiving energy and the world through them, you see and listen to the warnings that are given to you. You then start to see the possibilities that spirit and the flow of the universe offer you instead. Learn how to see and predict the future through stones and through ”Coca Readings”, the famous way that the shamans in Peru use to read their prophecies and interpreting the future.

The luminous warrior: When one walks as the luminous warrior one heals the inner scars that create the wounded world that we see and learns to walk fearlessly here on earth. When one walks with protection you have the chance to experience the true power of your intent. You will learn what differs the shaman from a sorcerer where you also understand the high level of integrity and ethic that comes with stepping in the role of a shaman.

Here you learn how to see how different wounded parts within yourself which make you vulnerable to other people’s ill will and learn how to take out these imprints within yourself, so that you are no longer a victim for power abuse in this world.

Learn different healing methods from the natives of the Incas including how to cleanse houses and places. Learn how to be the light bearer in the dark so that the wounds within you are healed, and so that you can walk and bring in peace, balance and healing in every situation and walk with beauty on earth.

We welcome you on this journey to learn the teachings of the last Inca Shamans; to create a new path and find new strength to control your destiny and manifest the future of your dreams! Find your own inner healing power and your original light through deep healing and ceremony.

Enrollment and registration takes place for my shaman sister, assistant and organizer;

Place: Ängsbacka kursgård: Nyeds-backa 511, 660 60, Molkom;
Investment: 9600 Sek

Marie Palmlöf – Q´omer Q´ente:
Telephone: 004673 – 027 38 50


Welcome to Incashop
Andean textiles, shamanic tools and sweetness for the soul


Our intention with this shop is to be in service for all our sisters and brothers who practice the Andean tradition, or energy medicine and need tools for their spiritual journey.
Not only helping the Inca medicine workers of the Western world, we set up the shop to also provide a huge support to the native Q’ero people living in the remote mountain villages of the Peruvian Andes. We work with the Q’ero without any intermediaries, which means we can proudly say that the vast majority of the crafts we sell; mesa-cloths, altar-cloths and hand made bags/sachets come directly from these people and their families.

Some altar-cloths also come from the native people who live at the sacred mountain of Ausangate. These people are considered brothers and sisters to the Q’ero people and are also masters of the ceremonial weaving techniques.

I, Åse Lövqvist, run Inkashop and work with Inca-shaman energetic medicine. More info about me can be found at

Through my shop, I also collaborate with Victor Forselius who has been working in direct contact with the Q’ero people for 9 years creating a bridge of support between the Q’ero people and the modern western world. He provides courses in Inca Shaman energy medicine called the ”Medicine Wheel”, and as well as organises trips to Peru to experience the Inca Shamanic world first hand! More information can be found about him at



A Shamans Journey; Taiwantinsuyukuna Kallpa:
The power of the four directions! ”The Small Medicinewheel”
Stockholm, 21 – 23 September 2018

Step into the Inca Shamanic traditions wisdom and meet the power of the four directions!”

The Inca shamanic tradition and it’s wisdom has touched the human heart for over 5000 year. It is no coincidence that the Q’ero natives has thought me that it is a tradition that they call: ”The path through the heart” as it is designed by beauty, humility and compassion. During this course you will take part of this beautiful tradition of wisdom, healing and deep personal development to clear your past so that you can create the future life of your dreams.

”How does your soul’s garden look? Have you started planting the seeds that create the blossoming trees that you want to meet in your future?”

Through years of training and journeys to the sacred mountains of Peru, the Inca Q’ero shamans has been sharing their ancient wisdom of the energy field and it’s anatomy with me. We know that the body has organs and is a complex and fascinating mechanism but when I now study the energy field I can see how this anatomy is at least as deep and complex as our physical body. During this class you will learn how to reach the energy fields anatomy through the soul, to find a higher consciousness, to manifest balance in life and within our physical bodies.

You will learn powerful tools which are thousands of years old as deep cleansing processes and use traditional treatments by healing with stones. These tools from earth will help you to see spiritual healing from a whole new place. Meet deep knowledge to clear the energy field and subconscious of the client to then enlighten the soul with pure light.

The shaman walks a path where we step beyond fear and no longer act from a place of judging, anger or drama. From that place we walk with high integrity as peaceful warriors and find our souls truth and valuations to be in service for the world, the community and our fellow people. Learn how to step out form heavy patterns that bind and weaken you in life and makes you compromise yourself. Instead choose to walk with the strength of the soul, clarity and balance in beauty on Mother Earth.

Through taking part of this beautiful wisdom you also encounter ancient rites and ceremonies that originate from the Inca shamans to start building a new rainbow body that, in turn, affect your cells and your DNA.

I am honored to invite you to step into the Inca shamanic traditional wisdom, healing and deep personal development. I welcome you now to start an amazing journey where you get to take part of and getting to know the Inca Shamanic path through healing and personal development that the Inca natives have taught me and leave behind for us all in a fantastic wisdom. We now have the possibility to once again take control over our lives, emotions and the destiny that we actually want to create. To dream the world into manifestation.

Investment: 3900 Sek

Enrollment and registration takes place for my shaman sister, assistant and organizer;

Reneé Eriksson – Illiari Chaska:
Telephone: 004670 – 238 83 61

Place: Heart and Hand: Allhelgonagatan 5, Stockholm;



The Pleiades: Our celestial ancestors
19 -21 October 2019

More info is coming soon! 

Enrollment and registration takes place for my shaman sister, assistant and organizer;

Place: Silkesta gård: Nyeds-backa 511, 660 57, Väse;
Investment: 3900 Sek

Reneé Eriksson – Illiari Chaska:
Telephone: 004670 – 238 83 61


TAWANTINSUYO – AYNI – MUNAY: The core center for Inca shamanism:

A training programme to become a Pampamesayoq: caretaker of our Mother Earth.
Beautiful teachings right from the source. Become an apprentice of the paqo´s.

After the fall of the Inca Empire more then 500 years ago there was a group of people that fled up into the mountains of the Andes to safeguard their ancient tradition of wisdom, healing and ceremony. They were isolated at 5000 meters high for 500 years as a myth of a people that disappeared during the siege of the Inca Empire by Spanish conquistadors.
Around 35 years ago these people listened to their ancient prophecies of the changes in the earth and the changes of growth within the western people. For the first time in 500 years they started to walk down from the mountains to be in service for their people and the world once again. Now with the help of Karina Davalos Concha they are traveling to Europe teaching us their ancient wisdom. They come to help us to step into a journey of how to walk the path of the heart, to learn how to understand the gifts of life, humbleness, reciprocity and that we all have the choice to recreate our life. As they say; we now during the changes of the cosmos have the opportunity to dream a new world into being for ourselves and for the earth. We all have the opportunity to grow new seed for ourselves, seed that will blossom as we grow into finding our own souls journey.

This path of the heart allows you to learn how to walk with clarity, balance and beauty on Mother Earth. The Inca Q’eros will be your teachers, guiding you through a journey to heal yourself, which gives you the opportunity to heal others. As you step into the Paqo training of Q´ero Medicine you will se that this is not really training. You are committing to follow the path and teachings of the paqo’s and of course you will be trained on the path.
They will teach and guide you how to walk as a keeper of the earth witch is also related to your true path, who you really are and brings the gifts of your soul into reality.

We are honoured to invite you to step into this Inca shamanic tradition of Wisdom, Healing and a profound personal development. Learn ancient, sacred, deep cleansing processes and initiations to heal the past and to connect with the gifts of your becoming.

We welcome you to step into the Q´ero Paqos own training; Paqo training of Q´ero Medicine: The core center for Inca shamanism.

Start a training beyond words & join us in October 2019

Enrollment and registration:

Place: Ängsbacka kursgård: Nyeds-backa 511, 660 60, Molkom;
Investment: 13.000 Sek

Victor Forselius – Hatun Apuchen:
SMS: 004676 – 8 47 83 51




Join us for a Journey of a lifetime. Group size is limited.


May, 2022 With Victor Forselius, Karina Davalos & Inca Paqos

We are honoured to invite you to a journey beyond words through the Inca shamanic tradition of wisdom, healing and profound personal development. Travel to the sacred temples, mountains and dream like landscapes of Peru to heal the past and to connect with the gifts of your becoming.


Through the mists and sacred landscapes of an ancient culture, the Q´ero Inca shamans (ie. paqos) will introduce and guide you through a healing journey of a lifetime.

Walk in apprenticeship alongside powerful medicine men and women to some of the most authentic and holiest temples and mountains in the Andes. They will be sharing their most sacred traditions of healing and ceremony with you, traditions that have been passed down through the generations of the Inca medicine people for over 5.000 years.

You now have the unique opportunity to train with the Paqo’s one on one in communion and in ceremony at the top of the world.

An Ancient people and sacred teachings hidden beyond the mountains

After the fall of the Inca empire more than 500 years ago there was a group of Inca people that fled into the mountains of the Andes to safeguard their ancient tradition of wisdom, healing and ceremony. They were isolated at 5000 meters high for 500 years as a myth of native Incan descendants that disappeared during the siege of the Inca Empire by Spanish conquistadors.
Around 30 years ago these people, named Q’ero, listened to their ancient prophecies of the changes in the earth and the changes of growth within the western people. For the first time in 500 years they started to walk down from the mountains to be in service for their people in the cities and for the world once again.

Now you have the unique oportunity to follow us on a journey for the first time up to these hidden villages of myth and legend. Meet the simplicity and purity of the indigenous people of the Andes. Partake in their way of living in sacred reciprocity with the universe and mother earth as my Indian friends and family welcomes us into their community. At this sacred and held place we partake in their ancient prophecies that has been held from the modern world since the fall of their ancient society.

Join us togeather with the Q´ero shamans and make a piligrimage beyond words to meet their families and work deeply with your inner child as we invite the childrens of their communities to ceremony.

Welcome to be touched in a way your inner being haven’t been touched before and meet the purity and love from a community upow the clouds.

Allow yourself to be moved by ancient wisdom and power and be taught ancient wisdom right from the source.
Take a giant leap into who you were born to become, who you really are and bring the gifts of your soul into reality.

Come and be touched by ancient wisdom and power.
Take a giant leap into who you were born to become, who you really are and bring the gifts of your soul into reality.


Recharge your life in communion & ceremony at the top of
the world; bring the gifts of your soul into reality.


Inca Shamansk Energimedicin och Healing

Under min resa med Inkas Q´ero shamaner har de delat med sig av deras uråldriga visdom om vårt energifält och dess anatomi. Vi vet att kroppen har organ och är en komplex och fascinerande mekanism men när jag nu studerar energifältet ser jag hur denna anatomi är minst lika djup och komplex som den i vår fysiska kropp.
Vi har en bred verktygslåda och använder oss av olika behandlingsformer för att hela våra klienter beroende på om problemet är psykiskt, fysiskt eller själsligt.

I den Inka shamanska energimedicinen ser vi att den själsliga hälsan är det som kommer att ha den stora betydelsen för din fysiska hälsa då det du bär med dig energimässigt påverkar och manifesterar hur du lever, tänker och vandrar genom livet.
Vårt energifält håller betydelsen för vår hälsa

Runt vår fysiska kropp finns ett energifält som håller informationen om vårt fysiska, emotionella och andliga jag. Likt en dators program/mjukvara som styr hur datorn tänker och beter sig.
I healing plockar vi bort de tunga energier som skapats genom känslomässiga, genetiska eller karmatiska upplevelser inom detta eller tidigare liv. Dessa upplevelser och tunga energier lämnar avtryck i vårt energifält och kan genom tidens gång störa det energiflöde som är menat att strömma fritt genom våra chakran och fysiska kropp.

När vi helar, helar vi i klientens celler där vi bär med oss dessa avtryck från minnen av det förflutna. Om avtryck aktiveras och öppnas genom livssituationer skapar det i hjärtats grundkänslor förvirring, smärta och obalans. Genom att då utrycka dessa tunga känslor börjar man att skapa och producera tung energi inom sig som påverkar våra organ. Självskapad tung energi manifesteras också genom hjärnans tankar beroende på från vilken plats inom dig du ser möjligheter eller begränsningar och hur du låter dessa påverka dina val och livssituationer. Genom år av träning med indianerna har jag lärt mig att läsa av kroppens energiflöde och vad som i grunden informerar det som skrivits i kroppens celler. I cellerna kan man finna både lätta och tunga minnen som fortfarande påverkar klienten och indirekt då även dennes familj.

Genom att hela de livssituationer från det förflutna som håller nyckeln till att styra dina emotioner, känslor och trossystem bryter du dig samtidigt fri från hur ditt förflutna influerar och genomsyrar din framtid och det du lärt dig är rimligt, troligt eller möjligt. Du förändrar då din relation till livet själv, bryter dig fri från olika begränsningar och underliggande övertygelse som styr dina val i livet. När hjärnan helas, kommer den att hålla kroppens celler från en ny plats och sända ut ny information som vid nästa celldelning då kan börja bygga en ny kropp. En ny kropp som inte längre styrs eller lever som ett resultat av ditt förflutna utan istället blir en ny kropp och resultatet av den du vill vara och kommer att bli i framtiden.

Då energier inte ofta uppfattas med våra fysiska ögon så kan vi heller inte veta att vi påverkas av dem. Det enda sättet för vårt energifält att göra oss medvetna om vad vi bär med oss energimässigt är att visa det genom känslomässiga och fysiska situationer eller motgångar i våra liv. Genom att rena och omvandla de energier inom oss som skapar symptom som ohälsa, kan energifältet läkas. Immunförsvaret återuppbyggs från denna nya plats vilket gör att kroppen kan börja självläka. Efter tusentals healingsessioner med klienter har jag om och om igen sett hur det som inte skall kunna helas; helas. Mönster som påverkat klienter och elever ett helt liv förändras på några sessioner. Detta uråldriga sätt att läka går djupt och kommer att påverka alla aspekter av hur du uppfattar dig själv, andra och livet självt. De skift du gör genom djup healing förändrar och styr om hur du lever, åldras och hur du en dag kommer att lämna livet.

Inka shamansk healing skriver om de inprogrammerade grundpelare som manifesterar din verklighet. När du skiftar dessa lever du inte längre som ett resultat av ditt förflutna, utan blir istället resultatet av den du vill vara och kommer att bli i framtiden.

– Bakom varje problem finns en andlig lösning –

Ju fler sessioner man genomgår desto djupare healing kan man uppnå. Ju mer man renar energikroppen desto större blir förändringarna i livet. När du går djupare i healing expanderar och öppnar sig din själ vilket gör att du ser, blir medveten och manifesterar livet från en helt ny plats. Istället för att leva upp tunga minnen som manifesterar ett annat liv än vad du innerst inne kanske skulle vilja leva kan du nu finna en djupare trygghet, styrka och möta fantastiska gåvor hos dig själv som du aldrig tidigare kunnat se eller känna.

Tänk att få möjligheten till veta att du kan släppa det gamla och istället möta livet från en ny plats där du skapar varje dag genom glädje, säkerhet och balans.
Ju renare energifältet är desto större skift upplever man i livet.

Om du bokar en healingsession rekommenderar jag att du efter en integreringsperiod på ca en månad kommer två gånger till. Detta för att vi under första gången renar ditt energifält och ”förbereder jorden”. Andra gången planterar vi ett nytt frö av nya möjligheter i ditt liv och sista gången får vi detta frö och möjligheterna att blomma i livet. Efter dessa tre gånger kan du alltid fortsätta healingen för att komma i kontakt med djupare delar av dig själv och då även komma när du känner att det är behövligt.

Du behöver inte tro på healing för att det skall fungera då alla har ett energifält oavsett om vi vet om det eller inte. Det viktiga är att du som klient vill hela det som påverkar dig negativt då jag inte kan hjälpa en rökare att sluta röka om den inte själv vill det.
Genom din vilja att finna fysisk, psykisk eller själslig hälsa kommer jag att guida dig genom en ny port i livet av möjligheter, sedan kommer du att med nya verktyg och viljan att vandra genom dörren till ett nytt liv.