Fire Ceremony

Lifting Prayers to Spirit

Every month, a Fire ceremony is held at the full moon or new moon when the veil between the worlds is thin. We create a place, which is held as a ‘sacred space’, to draw up and then release our limitations that we seem to be facing in life. We release ourselves of our old stories, emotional situations, limiting thoughts about ourselves and the world through ceremony and awareness. By taking these heavy aspects of our lives to the fire, and bestowing them upon burnable objects, we start giving up, embracing and honoring them. We transform our troubles through deeper feeling, wisdom and awareness through ceremony and spirit. By doing this, we open up to heal deeply within the soul so that we can instead be reborn as a new person and the person we want to be.

We open up to our soul and experience a timeless place around the fire. A place for thousands of years has brought people together. A mystical place where brothers and sisters met, loved and shared their stories. We step into timelessness which helps us to perceive change in our lives and understand the lessons it brings. The fire offers us the opportunity for an incredible change that helps us to heal that which was blocking us so that we can renew our lives. It’s a great experience to connect with the fire, giving up and honouring the troubles we carry with us so that we can grow out of old habits, heal our soul and find new values.

The ceremony is held and guided by the shaman, but anyone can participate by opening their hearts and connecting with the fire. The fire shows us the way so that we become friends with it and feel how it burns within us. The fires are usually kept outdoors during dusk so we get connected to mother earth, the great spirit, the stars and the huge change that is happening right now in the universe and within us.

Preparation for a Fire Ceremony

Before the ceremony, you should find a burnable object such as a stick. During the ceremony, this offering to the fire will come to represent the gift for something that you want to honor or the problem you want to be able to let go of.

The offering helps us stay in the energy that is created and to keep meditative focus. Focus on what you want to honour, the gifts you received or what you want manifest. Then bestow your gratitude, manifestations or problems onto your offering by breathing or blowing these intentions or praying onto it several times. Then give your offering to the fire and know that your prayers are being carried up to spirit as your offering burns in the fire.

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