A Shaman’s Journey; The Small Medicine Wheel

A Shamans Journey; Taiwantinsuyukuna Kallpa:
The power of the four directions! ”The Small Medicinewheel”

Step into the Inca Shamanic traditions wisdom and meet the power of the four directions!”

The Inca shamanic tradition and it’s wisdom has touched the human heart for over 5000 year. It is no coincidence that the Q’ero natives has thought me that it is a tradition that they call: ”The path through the heart” as it is designed by beauty, humility and compassion. During this course you will take part of this beautiful tradition of wisdom, healing and deep personal development to clear your past so that you can create the future life of your dreams.

”How does your soul’s garden look? Have you started planting the seeds that create the blossoming trees that you want to meet in your future?”

Through years of training and journeys to the sacred mountains of Peru, the Inca Q’ero shamans has been sharing their ancient wisdom of the energy field and it’s anatomy with me. We know that the body has organs and is a complex and fascinating mechanism but when I now study the energy field I can see how this anatomy is at least as deep and complex as our physical body. During this class you will learn how to reach the energy fields anatomy through the soul, to find a higher consciousness, to manifest balance in life and within our physical bodies.

You will learn powerful tools which are thousands of years old as deep cleansing processes and use traditional treatments by healing with stones. These tools from earth will help you to see spiritual healing from a whole new place. Meet deep knowledge to clear the energy field and subconscious of the client to then enlighten the soul with pure light.

The shaman walks a path where we step beyond fear and no longer act from a place of judging, anger or drama. From that place we walk with high integrity as peaceful warriors and find our souls truth and valuations to be in service for the world, the community and our fellow people. Learn how to step out form heavy patterns that bind and weaken you in life and makes you compromise yourself. Instead choose to walk with the strength of the soul, clarity and balance in beauty on Mother Earth.

Through taking part of this beautiful wisdom you also encounter ancient rites and ceremonies that originate from the Inca shamans to start building a new rainbow body that, in turn, affect your cells and your DNA.

I am honored to invite you to step into the Inca shamanic traditional wisdom, healing and deep personal development. I welcome you now to start an amazing journey where you get to take part of and getting to know the Inca Shamanic path through healing and personal development that the Inca natives have taught me and leave behind for us all in a fantastic wisdom. We now have the possibility to once again take control over our lives, emotions and the destiny that we actually want to create. To dream the world into manifestation.


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