Godfather & One With The People

When I became one of the family

During my hike with the Q’ero Paqos in the high mountains of the Andes 2015, I was invited to Don Juan’s and Dona Marias’ village Collpacuchu. We spent many days there in ceremony with focus upon the children in the village. We invited them to ceremonies for the future, to dream without hinders and to keep this ancient wisdom and tradition in their hearts. Together we created a Haiwarikoy/Despacho as a prayer gift to mother earth, the mountains and the universe, to keep the children, their schooling and their future in big light and flow. It was an amazing evening and a big healing for me to open up my heart further and strengthen my contact to the child, the soul and the healing within me. 

The day after Don Juan’s brother, Don Angelino, took me aside and asked me if I wanted to be godfather to his newly born son. This means that you become one of the family, a support to the child while he grows up and have the honour of giving the boy his name. It is a beautiful honour to be entrusted to him for this and I chose to take the step to meet this boy and to help him through life. 

We started a beautiful ceremony where we, through presence and love, let our souls meet to share this moment and space. Through ceremony with roses and holy water I shut my eyes to received the permission of the mountains to open this contact to the boy’s soul and to let the child’s name come to me. I was listening to my feeling and chose his name; Malqo- which means ”The young Condor” in Quechua. Partly because he looked like a little Malqo but also because my name that was given to me by this people is precisely that- the Condor. It was a beautiful ceremony and it is with gratefulness, honour and glory in my heart that I’m continuing this journey with them.


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