Hatun Apuchen

When the Q’ero shamans gave me my spiritual name

At a height of almost 5000 meters by one of the Inca natives holiest mountains Apu Ausangate, we set camp to receive traditional rites through ceremony. They made a coca reading to see the people in our groups’ future and to assign us the name, in their language, that is symbolic to the energy that we hold and will hold in the future.

Name after name was called when it suddenly was my turn.Don Mariano Quispe Flores, a well known Q’ero Paco master and healer ” Kuraq Akulleq”, looked deep into my eyes, lifted his hands and raised his voice; Hatun Apuchen.

They gave me the name Hatun Apuchen which means Great Condor, because my energy, wisdom and healing medicine is the energy of the Condor.

This name is a part of my heart and for me, it brings me in contact with the universe. They gave me the name because I’m a visionary and dream unhindered big dreams, I create what I want to see created and I dream it until it is manifested. The Condor is a messenger between our world and the spirit world and Im conducting the message between the crown chakra of the mountains and up to Wiracocha; the creation.

My spiritual strength that I was born with is the sensitivity of communicating telepathically through intuition, by reading others energy field, and to pick up spiritual signs through energy.

During the process to integrate this name and see how it was resonating with my journey I meditated and processed the energy of the Condor and healed great parts of my ego and fear in my heart from my culture and my past.

Before, the high vibration of the name triggered me into believing that I was someone. My medicine and the name Apuchen showed me how we are all one, a place beyond words that cannot be thought or understood with our mind. It is an energy and a place that is one with everything, a place outside of time. It takes a lot of energy to be someone, but no energy at all to be oneself.

Today I follow and listen to the path of my hearts calling.

Therefore I hold my journey, my medicine and my brothers and sisters under my wings to reconnect us with a universal truth where separation is an illusion and where we understand that we are all the same light, unique drops of water that together create an enormous ocean of living energy.


The Q’ero Shamans’ word to me about my name Hatun Apuchen was:

Apuchen, Condor is the ruler of the sky, the emperor of the upper world “Hanach Pacha”, the leader of all spirits. You are carrying ”Allin Kallpa”, the universe’s power to create the best of things. Apuchen is the leader and the protector of all the animals while at the same time is one with them.

The Condor is also ruler and messenger between the mountains, a very holy animal full of power.

Don Claudio told me that Apuchen controls the world and is the ruler of the universe. Apuchen is the Creators messenger that comes down to the world to harmonize it, heal the people and bring them into a new time. You are never alone in the world, but one with everything.

In all temples, even in the holiest, there is always a temple of the condor.

Don Claudio looked at me and finished: To be a ruler is at the same time being the first servant…


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