Heliga resor till Peru

Res till självaste källan av traditionen på ditt livs resa till heliga Anderna, Q´ero nationen och paqosarnas hem. Vi välkomnar dig!




We are honored to invite you to a journey beyond words through the Inca shamanic tradition of wisdom, healing and profound personal development. Travel through the majestic canyons and meet the Andean Condor, step into ceremony in the sacred valley and the cradle of the Inca nation. Travel to the sacred temples, the dreamlike landscapes of the Q’ero nation to heal the past and to connect with the gifts of your becoming. Experience first hand the heart of the andes and live with the indigenous people of myth and legend in their villages for one week.


You will have plenty of Swedish friends to talk to but please note that the journey will be in English.


Through the mists and sacred landscapes of an ancient culture, the Q’ero Inca shamans (ie. paqos) will introduce and guide you through a healing journey of a lifetime.
Walk in apprenticeship alongside powerful medicine men and women to some of the most authentic and holiest temples in the mountains of the Andes. The Q’ero will share their most sacred traditions of healing and ceremony with you. Traditions that have been passed down through the generations of the Inca medicine people for over 5.000 years.

You now have the unique opportunity to train with the Paqo’s one on one in communion and in ceremony at the top of the world.

An Ancient people and sacred teachings hidden beyond the mountains

After the fall of the Inca empire more than 500 years ago there was a group of Inca people that fled into the mountains of the Andes to safeguard their ancient tradition of wisdom, healing and ceremony. They were isolated at 5000 meters high for 500 years and became the myth of native Incan descendants that disappeared during the siege of the Inca Empire by Spanish conquistadors.
Around 30 years ago these people, named Q’ero, listened to their ancient prophecies of the changes in the earth and the changes of growth within the western people. For the first time in 500 years they started to walk down from the mountains to be in service for their people in the cities and for the world once again.

Now you have the unique opportunity to follow us on a journey throughout the dreamlike landscapes of Peru. Follow us on a journey up to these remote villages of myth and legend. Meet the simplicity and purity of the indigenous people of the Andes. Partake in their way of living in sacred reciprocity with the universe and mother earth as my native friends and families welcomes us into their community. At this sacred place we partake in their ancient prophecies that have been withheld from the modern world since the fall of their ancient society.

Get a life changing experience connecting with places of beauty, power and sacred wisdom. Powerfully re-connect with Mother Earth as you travel ancient tamples of the Inca empire, the native people and sacred sights. Find yourself in the cradle of the lost empire and the sacred valley. Embark upon a spectacular and beyond imagination voyage through some of the most beautiful sights of Peru.

Join us for a journey of a lifetime!

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We are honoured to invite you to a magical journey through the wisdom of another lineage of medicine women and men who fled the seage of the empire. Another family of this tradition who found their rest in the deep rainforests of the Amazon. Allow the knowledge of how to travel through the worlds and your inner dimensions to expand beyond visions of reality. Allow your souls eye and sensitivity in contact with the invisible dimensions of spirit to become a first-hand experience. Be able to experience a world of magic without the filters of reality.


You will have plenty of Swedish friends to talk to but please note that the journey will be in English.


Through the beautiful landscapes at the foothills of the sacred mountain Whalkaywhilka, the Ayahuasqeros (ie. Jungle shamans) will introduce and guide you through a healing journey in between the worlds.
Carina Davalos Concha have created a sacred paradise, an Eden for native people and ancient ceremony. The Illiari Chaska Wasi center is the house of Mercury. A very sacred star of illumination and new beginnings for the native people of the Andes. Held by the sacred waters of the snow caped mountain Veronica we will walk through the gardens of Eden, the paradise that we never left. Through jungle medicine we will connect with the feminine energy of our collective mother and with all of our senses. The Ayahuasqero shaman will guide us through cleansings and reawakening rites of passage into the depths of our being where journeying will be not just seen, but experienced first-hand. You are now invited to the other line of the Incas who didn’t flee the Spanish Conquistadors up into the mountains. We invite you to follow the footsteps of those who entered the jungle and they’ll share their most authentic and holiest tradition of herbal medicine, mystique and enlightenment.

Now you have the unique opportunity to meet a master of plant medicine who is safeguarding the shamanic traditions of her ancestor’s lineage of herbalists and shamans. Those who have lived in communion within the green lands of the great mother. They will travel to Ollantaytambo and the Illiari Chaska centre to guide us through 6 days of profound ceremony.

Reconnect with the truth of what’s your souls next step on the journey. Be able to talk to the depths of your own soul and be guided to hear the message of spirit. Allow what haven’t been seen to unfold and let the filters of reality fall aside as you cross the vail of the spiritrealm.

Welcome to be touched and healed by the mythic realm of the universe. Travel through your being, through time and space in a way that your inner being hasn’t been touched before. Meet the next step and guidance of your spiritual development. Come and meet one of mother earth greatest gifts in first hand.
Take a giant leap into who you were born to become, be nudged into becoming your destiny.


Join us for a journey

of a lifetime!


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