Inca Q´ero

From being once considered a myth, the amazing Inca Q’ero people walked down from the holy mountains of Peru in the early 90’s. They now share their 10,000 year old healing tradition and medicine with the societies of the modern world. They respond to the call of the ancient prophesies- a new age, a calling of guiding us on the journey of returning, once again, to spiritual health.

A tradition that was never forgotten

The spirituality I practice is derived from a people who live high in Andes’ snow-capped mountains. Consisting of seven villages with over 600 families, together they are called the Q`ero nation. They revealed themselves to the modern world in 1955. The first expedition was led by Oscar Nunez Del Prado and his goal was to find a people who, according to myth and legend, were said to have moved into the mountains when the Spanish conquistadors invaded Peru and Inca Empire fell. He searched high up in the mountains, coming to a village called Paucartambo. From there he continued hiking higher into the mountains and for days, his expedition wandered through the mountain peaks and across the cold plains of the glaciers. One day he eventually reached a peak looking out over one of lost villages of the Q’ero people. As his team approached the villages, they were met by the men of the village. The women and the children had hidden, when they thought that the Spaniards had found them and had come with the same heavy intentions as their ancestors during the Inca Empire. Oscar asked the men:

– Where are your families? 

– “Our father is the sun and our mother is the earth” answered the Q’ero people.

During his stay, Oscar saw that the Qero still practiced the Inca’s traditional ceremonies and spiritual teachings and were exactly like the myths of the hidden Inca people. It turned out that the Qero were those whom Oscar sought after; one of the Inca groups who had fled to the mountains when the Inca Empire fell! When Conquistadors took over the Inca kingdom, missionaries had tried to convert the spiritual nature and energy medicine of the Inca’s to the Catholic faith. The Inca people had understood this and knew that their spiritual tradition, prophecies, and contact to the wisdom of the universe would not be forgotten or lost. Since they had already watched and managed what they call for the universe’s teachings for thousands of years, they therefore chose to flee into the mountains.

The Conquistadors had previously searched for Q’ero villages, but stories tell us how powerful shamans kept them away by using their deep connection to the powers of the earth and the mountains. By calling for the support and protection for their people, the forces of nature answered. The path of the Conquistadors was blocked by nature itself and the rocks of the mountains and the rivers of water flushing away the intruders.

Since the Q’ero have been completely isolated for 500 years, their ancient wisdom is very pure and unaffected by any other cultures, teachings nor religions. Their wisdom has been verbally passed down from father and mother to son and daughter for hundreds of generations.

The missionaries brought the Christian faith from Europe and spread it through South America. As the Conquistadors took over the land, the Inka Empire and its traditions were slowly forgotten, and of the Incas who fled- they became a myth of a people who disappeared.

In the beginning of the 1990s the people of the Q’ero saw signs on the horizon, and realised it was time for their Q’ero shamans to finally wander down from the mountains with their rainbow coloured clothes. A people who have been a myth for almost 500 years now begun to answer the call of their ancient prophesies. The prophecies spoke about a new age when large changes start to happen on the planet. They prophesise that;

When there is a tear in the sky that causes the sun to shine and damage us, when the glaciers melt, when the climate changes and natural disasters come and when the Condor is close to dying out, shall we walk down and share our spiritual tradition and wisdom with the world. It is time for the people from the West’s to wake up from a deep sleep. A new age has been born, and the modern human of intellect and brain is now touched by the heat, heart and soul of Andes.”

The natives of the ancient Inca traditions do not call themselves Shamans, but call themselves “Paqos”, which means a medicine-man, healer or a priest. A shaman for them is someone who uses herbal medicine and drugs to go into a trance and travel through the spirit world. Q’ero Paqos respects and honours all traditions including the shaman in the Amazon but do not use any types of drugs themselves. They do not need drugs to work with energies nor to travel through the dimensions around or within us. They learn to exercise their spiritual ability through years of training and profound knowledge about healing. Through energy work they transform their past to consciously step outside of linear time. In this place, they reconnect with their original essence and begin their soul’s journey. This gives them access to the parts of the brain that shamans use substances to wake up. By walking with deep spiritual awareness and presence, they can read how the living energy of the universe is mirrored through their own spirit. They can then change and control this living energy within themselves and can affect their own and their clients’ reality. They are known as masters of the living energy and believe that the journey to merge with our highest potential happens from a place of deep self-knowledge and the power of the soul within us -not necessarily through substances outside of us.

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