Shaman, Paqo, Q´ero

My name is Victor Forselius, and I’m honored to invite you to a life-changing journey and one of the most powerful personal development courses you’ve ever met. To step into a journey beyond words through the wisdom, healing and deep personal and spiritual development of the Inka Shaman tradition.

The shamans call this time that we live in today for “Taripaypacha” – “The time when we meet ourselves again”. Through these courses you will change and meet life from a new place, with a grounded feeling deep within you. You will see life with brand new eyes and through a higher perspective of awareness, security and power. Your journey on earth will change, not because you become a whole new person but because you will find yourself, your inner values ​​with a deep balance. By walking through the medical wheel for one and a half years, you will encounter deep healing processes, deepen your understanding of how our minds and emotions affect us, and learn how you control energy and heal your body’s structure. You will learn to heal old physical wounds as well as mental wounds as well as emotional and restricting thoughts.

This course is designed by profound wisdom, knowledge and amazing exercises to help you transform your deepest wounds and memories of sources of power, understanding and compassion. You will walk with beauty on earth.

You can choose to learn this education just because it will be your biggest investment in heal yourself so far, or you can learn this wisdom because you want to learn the heal others. Through this education, you get the knowledge to create your own company with great potential, where you can stand confidently with great experience of healing as well as a great knowledge of psychology and the physical body. A company with new insights will be able to flourish with your process of wandering in beauty. Being in service for all we meet and creating your dream of abundant and spiritual health.

The courses are like the Q’ero people; playful and created with joy, yet equally disciplined and serious, to let you be trained to a master of directing and working with living energy.

According to the prophecies of the Q’ero people, society from the West will be the next guardians of the earth, who will hold the medicine we almost lost 500 years ago when the Spanish conquistadors destroyed the Inca Empire. With the help of the universe and the power of a healing tradition of heart, they leave their knowledge to us in the West. This enables us to become the guardians of life and harmonize man with the earth, the mountains and the universe. My vision is to train these Paqos, who will be the next generation’s deeply advanced and powerful healers. Those who walk with beauty and through balance ,control the life, creation, and human destiny.

These courses don’t require any knowledge of energy or spiritual work but will build up from the beginning the knowledge obtained in the Inka Shaman tradition’s map of deep understanding and development. If you already have a lot of experience in energy work and healing, you will now find yourself humbly discovering a whole new way to help, share, and learn new healing methods. This education will teach you to feel and communicate with the living energy of all living around us. Every person is unique and perceives energy in a unique way through personal filters. You will find your personal healing power and to search and read energy through energy and intuition to provide powerful and precise diagnoses of what’s happening in clients’ lives.

After these courses you will possess the ability to heal yourself and with the knowledge to heal others. The teachings of the Inca Shamans take you deep into your personal development and include lectures, practical exercises and activation of your spiritual self, where you receive the Paqo’s traditional and ancient rites to strengthen and build a new energy body.

Come and share the Inca Shaman way through healing and personal development, as Inkas Paqo’s have taught me and give us a wonderful 25,000-30,000 year old wisdom. We now have the opportunity to once again take control of our lives, feelings and the destiny we actually want to create. Over 7 years ago, I made a choice that gives me the opportunity today to see the world from a higher perspective instead of limiting thoughts and emotional obstacles.

If you could choose how you would like to live your life, how would you wake up every morning and create your day? Would you continue with the same routines as today or would you choose to learn to find your inner truth of wealth and abundance?

The medical wheel will open a new door in your life. A door that takes you beyond the heavy and emotional barriers that hold you back from the life you want to live. Find the flow that manifests dreams and the life we ​​want to be created here on earth.

Teacher: Victor Forselius – Hatun Apuchen/ Great Condor

Tukuy Sonqoymanta, ”From the bottom of my heart”

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