Medicine Wheel

South: The shaman is clearing his past and his history the same way as a snake sheds its skin. Here you learn to transform your deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion. You are initiated and woven into a lineage of medicine men and women who heal, follow and guides you on your way through life. Here you learn the process of Illumination and how you erase prints of karma and sickness from the energy field. Through these powerful healing techniques you learn how to heal deep levels of your being.

West: The shaman breaks free from the fears that follow us through life and learns how to travel beyond death. When you heal the baggage that you inherited from your family, you break free from generations of curses that are past on in legacy from parent to child. Here you discover the way of the peaceful warrior and the practice of non-judging which in turn lets you create and live in a world of peace. Experience and learn how you extract harmful energies that has penetrated your energy field. Learn how to lighten these dense energies and to eliminate them from the people and situations in your life.

North: The shaman travels through infinity, places outside of time and space. You lose your restrictions and preconceived ideas and master the wisdom-teachings of invisibility, to master time and to hold a secret. Here you travel out in the infinite to bring back pieces of your soul and re-discover the sources of your wounds that are holding you back from your destiny- the destiny created by your dreams. Learn how to change and rewrite your souls contract so that you can live a life of abundance and prosperity.

East: The shaman knows how to ”dream the world into manifestation”. Here you learn how to master energy and it’s intent which creates your reality. You learn the rites of death, discovering the paths that brings us to the life after this one to help a dear friend on her last journey. The rite of death teaches you how to walk gracefully through the transitions of life, resurrection after a challenging time and into a world of universal flow. Into a world of spiritual consciousness.

3 deepening classes ”Masterclasses”:

These classes start a deepening learning within oneself that is designed by me and the Q’ero natives through deep experience of how we walk in contact with a network of energy around us. To walk as a Paqo is to walk as a steward and bringer of balance to your people, family, your community, the country, all animals and all life on earth.

Here all of your treatments are deepened and you get a greater knowledge of the anatomy of the energy field, healing treatments, to read signs through readings, and to walk with greater power and how you affect and direct energy through your soul from a place of balance and reciprocity.

Keeper of the earth: The shaman lives side by side with nature spirits and if he finds the right balance these will assist her in the work of his clients healing as well as his own path on earth. Learn how to use the energy of the nature and forces to heal the wounds from our past, to fully step into the Inca shamanic tradition’s way of working with the collective mother. Learn how to walk the path as an earth keeper, to walk as a steward of the new time, steward of the earth.

To read the signs of destiny: Learn how to recognize and adapt with the signs that is shown through nature, randomness and happenings in our daily lives. Then you study the art of looking through the eyes of a shaman and perceiving energy and the world through them, you see and listen to the warnings that are given to you. You then start to see the possibilities that spirit and the flow of the universe offer you instead. Learn how to see and predict the future through stones and through ”Coca Readings”, the famous way that the shamans in Peru use to read their prophecies and interpreting the future.

The luminous warrior: When one walks as the luminous warrior one heals the inner scars that create the wounded world that we see and learns to walk fearlessly here on earth. When one walks with protection you have the chance to experience the true power of your intent. You will learn what differs the shaman from a sorcerer where you also understand the high level of integrity and ethic that comes with stepping in the role of a shaman.

Here you learn how to see how different wounded parts within yourself which make you vulnerable to other people’s ill will and learn how to take out these imprints within yourself, so that you are no longer a victim for power abuse in this world.

Learn different healing methods from the natives of the Incas including how to cleanse houses and places. Learn how to be the light bearer in the dark so that the wounds within you are healed, and so that you can walk and bring in peace, balance and healing in every situation and walk with beauty on earth.

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