My Life Today

To walk a path that is formed by my dreams

As a Shaman/Paqo I know how we ”dream the world into manifestation” and I’ve learnt to master energy and intent which together creates our reality. I have now been walking the Inca shamanic tradition path for 9 years and I have learnt how to shed my past just like a snake sheds it skin. To turn my deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion.

Through this ancient tradition I now see how different wounds within ourselves make us vulnerable to other people’s painful feelings and stories. These imprints from the past live inside ourselves and keep us from being fully present in life. Many people are affected by the lifelessness that flows within us from the parts that we’ve lost in different situations through life, beautiful aspects and gifts that we no longer dare to or can express in life. This in turn creates physical as well as psychological illness in our lives. My brothers and sisters from the Andes have taught me how we can take away these heavy memories and imprints within ourselves, so that we no longer create a wounded world or become victims of power abuse in the world.

The shaman walks with high integrity; which means that there is no difference in who you say you are, what you stand for and how you act. It is about “walking your talk”, living without hiding who you are, and always striving towards expressing the truth of one’s soul. Like a peaceful warrior we walk to learn how to practice non-violence, non-fear as well as non-judgment that allows us to live and create a world of reciprocity, peace and balance.

I now work in direct contact with the Inca descendants, the Q’ero people, who now also travel to me and whom I take with me around Sweden to share this amazing 10,000 year old wisdom from the holy mountains of the Andes. They walk and assist me by my side during the trips that I hold Peru and now I also assist them in their own international school in Peru which we opened in January, 2014. This beautiful education, which we started in April 2014, is also held together by myself and the Q’ero shamans here in Sweden. You can read more about this education under the tab Inca Q’ero/Serena Anchancho School.

I commenced my journey by educating myself within Alberto Villoldos school and teaching during 4 years, starting in February 2009. During my first course I met a woman and friend that invited the Q’ero Shamans to Holland. As soon as they arrived to her I travelled there, lived with them and participated in their workshops to receive their healing sessions and traditional initiations.

Parallel to Alberto’s side I’ve been educating myself with the source of the tradition which has taught me two different schools. Alberto has taught me how energy is flowing together with our physical world and has helped me to put words on a deep tradition of soul, feeling and mystery. He has taught me to translate a spiritual language to a deep understanding for western brains. His teachings have helped me to shed a wounded past of debilitating stories so I can now walk in power, security and in beauty.

The Q’ero people has taught me how to walk a path of heart, humility and impeccability in flow together with a spiritual world by our side. To walk in presence and with one foot in a world of form and physical things and with the other foot in a world of soul and spirit. They have been guiding me to a deep reciprocity with all living things on Earth and with the source of life-force in the universe. I have found my calling to walk side by side with the natives and to continue my education and teaching with them. Now I direct my energy to let others take part of the healing journeys and courses with me and these shamans. Im here to walk and to share this ancient energy medicine further so that this way of life in contact with the universe, making ceremony and healing is kept pure and authentic. They have been helping me to step into a new time with wisdom and understanding of the impending change that is now occurring on Earth.

We now have a possibility to retake the control of our lives, feelings and the destiny we actually want to create. For almost 11 years ago I made a choice that today is giving me the opportunity to see the world from a higher perspective instead of limiting thoughts and emotional blocks.

If you got the chance to choose how you would live your life, how would you wake up every morning and create your day? Would you carry on in the same old patterns that have been affecting you from the past or would you learn to find your inner truth of richness and abundance?

In fact, you always have the opportunity and the choice to change your life and your reality, the question is… Which path and reality are you choosing?

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