Nusta Karpay – The sacred feminine

Nusta Karpay; The ancient Peruvian goddesses’ rites of the sacred feminine power

Nusta Karpay is seven initiations that comes from the shamans who live in the holy mountains of the Andes in Peru. Year 2009 some of the Q’ero shamans decided to share these ancient rites with the people in the west. Through meeting us they saw the need of strengthening the contact with our inner feminine power and with Mother Earth that is an important part of being able to walk in beauty with love, balance an joy through life.

These initiations/rites is seven steps to meet the feminine force from the Andes.

In 2011 I traveled on the first Nusta Karpay journey that was made with the natives in Peru to for the first time in thousands of years reawaken the energy of the Nustas and temples in Peru. We were a small group that hiked with the shamans to these sacred places and held ceremonies and received these rites. We awakened these energies that for so long slumbered pending to once again get a deeper contact with the world. Some of these places that we reawakened is in great connection with Atlantis, Lemuria and the Pleiades.

With deep information from these magical places, rites and training with the natives I have created this course to an amazing experience. You learn how to , through yourself and nature, can take away patterns and dense energies that resides within us. Through rites and ceremony you heal your inner as well as getting a deeper understanding for your souls journey upon earth.

This course is for both men and women as we all need to find the contact with our soul and to attain a higher consciousness and frequency of energy.
Nusta Karpay rites gives us a personal transformation and raising of consciousness that helps you to fins a deeper strength that can be used to direct your own destiny and to build a world in joy, friendship and harmony.

Within this class you need to obtain seven stones that we will work with an a cloth to carry them in.

The seven rites that we receive helps us to build a body that ages, heals and dies differently. A body that is no longer affected by our genes, ancestors or karma.

Meet me and nature through ceremony to find out that the world can be created by your dreams. What you attain in you inner will change your outer reality.

Nusta Karpays seven rites

The second rite: ”Dona Mujia” is connected with the first chakra. She is the first daughter of the sun and the moon. She is the first goddess that came down to the earth and the holy landscapes of the Andes to harmonize and create flow. It is said that she has her origin from the island of the moon and is the mother of the Lake Titicaca, where she holds seeds of light. When the Conquistadors came, she placed these seeds of light in all of her chakras and disappeared down into the lake of Titicaca. During this rite we come in contact with the little child, the little girl within ourselves.

Den andra riten: ”Donia Mujia” (Mama Serena ”mermaids and water creatures”) is a water spirit, a nusta or a princess of water that is connected with the second chakra. This rite stands for our contact with water and it’s spiritual beings that awaken our contact with the chakras in our hands. This rite helps us to dissolve our ego and opens us up in the same way as flow opens up our hands.

The third rite: ”Mama Simona” is connected to the third chakra. Mama Simona resides deeply grounded in the oldest feminine mountain in Peru where she was buried. She is attached to a lineage of medicine men and women and especially our feminine ancestors and to the energy of the hummingbird. This rite is connected to your roots, the country where you live and your own bloodline. This rite helps us to find ourselves so that we can come home. The client will receive a medicine stone with Mama Simona energy that will assist us when our lives is out of balance or when we need power from female energy. 

The fourth rite: ”Dona Theresa” is connected to our heart. She is the daughter of the sacred mountain Ausangate where also the physical place of this nusta is the heart of Ausangate. This rite will bring with it love and more joy but also more pain and sorrow as we open up our hearts. This rite is about forgiveness.

The fifth rite: ”Maria Sakapana” is the nusta that brings us in contact with the fifth chakra, the throat. The physical place of Maria Sakapana is by the side of Ausangate. She is one with the wind and blows strongly. This nusta is connected with the throat and the lungs as we speak with air and air is coming out of our lungs. Then we need to speak we call upon the place where the wind is born. This rite heals our lungs, when you need strength in your communication. This rite helps us also to heal that which holds us back, even dense energies from previous lives. Maria Sakapana teaches us who we are and to be in contact with what is blocking us.

The sixth rite: ”Huana Huaman Ticlla” is connected to the sixth chakra, the third eye. This goddess is affiliated to the temple of seeing by Ausangate and with the temple of the falcon in Pisaq. We can travel there to get vision and to find clarity. This rite helps us to see all of the corners within and our outer body and you will start to understand your dreams and see your path.

The seventh rite: ”Thumasa Huaman Ticllia” is the nusta that is connected with the seventh chakra and the temple of freedom. This rite stands for integrating all of the other nusta rites and theirs gifts. Thomasa Huaman Tiklla starts to transform us and develops our path. It is about being and working in consensus and unity with everything and even here we practice forgiveness.

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