Join us for a Journey of a lifetime.

Group size is limited.



May, 2018                  With Victor Forselius, Karina Davalos & Inca Paqos

We are honoured to invite you to a journey beyond words through the Inca shamanic tradition of wisdom, healing and profound personal development. Travel to the sacred temples, mountains and dream like landscapes of Peru to heal the past and to connect with the gifts of your becoming.



Through the mists and sacred landscapes of an ancient culture, the Q´ero Inca shamans (ie. paqos) will introduce and guide you through a healing journey of a lifetime.

Walk in apprenticeship alongside powerful medicine men and women to some of the most authentic and holiest temples and mountains in the Andes. They will be sharing their most sacred traditions of healing and ceremony with you, traditions that have been passed down through the generations of the Inca medicine people for over 5.000 years.

You now have the unique opportunity to train with the Paqo’s one on one in communion and in ceremony at the top of the world.

An Ancient people and sacred teachings hidden beyond the mountains

After the fall of the Inca empire more than 500 years ago there was a group of Inca people that fled into the mountains of the Andes to safeguard their ancient tradition of wisdom, healing and ceremony. They were isolated at 5000 meters high for 500 years as a myth of native Incan descendants that disappeared during the siege of the Inca Empire by Spanish conquistadors.
Around 30 years ago these people, named Q’ero, listened to their ancient prophecies of the changes in the earth and the changes of growth within the western people. For the first time in 500 years they started to walk down from the mountains to be in service for their people in the cities and for the world once again.

Now you have the unique oportunity to follow us on a journey for the first time up to these hidden villages of myth and legend. Meet the simplicity and purity of the indigenous people of the Andes. Partake in their way of living in sacred reciprocity with the universe and mother earth as my Indian friends and family welcomes us into their community. At this sacred and held place we partake in their ancient prophecies that has been held from the modern world since the fall of their ancient society.

Join us togeather with the Q´ero shamans and make a piligrimage beyond words to meet their families and work deeply with your inner child as we invite the childrens of their communities to ceremony.

Welcome to be touched in a way your inner being haven’t been touched before and meet the purity and love from a community upow the clouds.  

Allow yourself to be moved by ancient wisdom and power and be taught ancient wisdom right from the source.
Take a giant leap into who you were born to become, who you really are and bring the gifts of your soul into reality.

Come and be touched by ancient wisdom and power.
Take a giant leap into who you were born to become, who you really are and bring the gifts of your soul into reality.


Recharge your life in communion & ceremony at the top of
the world; bring the gifts of your soul into reality.

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