The Shaman

The path of the heart

The Inca shamanic tradition and it’s wisdom has been touching peoples hearts for over 5000 years. It’s not a coincidence that the Q’ero natives has taught me that it is a tradition they call ”The path of the heart” as it is build-up by beauty, humility and compassion.

The Q’ero shamans (ie Paqos) are great healers, teachers and guides. They walk as their own healers in contact with holy forces, the Universe, the Mountains and the Earth. It’s a path of following our soul and our heart, and a path of being in service to others, to help, heal and share. It is about helping ourselves and helping the planet from within ourselves, via dreaming our dream, following it and dreaming collectively.

To walk as a Paqo is to help myself and others to open up to all of the gifts that we are carrying within ourselves and to bring us back into deep contact with the energies of the earth. To walk as a child of the sun and the earth. We are walking with one foot in a world of spirit and the other foot in a physical world & reality. Therefore, we can communicate with the living energy in the Universe through our soul and through our physical altar; our Mesa. The mesa is a bundle of medicine that holds the creating principals of the universe together as well as a principal tool that we Paqos use on our path towards our destiny. Through our altar we heal ourselves, heal our clients and bring balance to all situations we encounter. We are using the mesa physically- healing stones and other items of power, connected together as an energy tool of healing. The healing stones and objects we encounter during our healing journey represent the way to keep our minds more consciousness. They are gifts from the earth, the water, the mountains or the universe that come to us when we undergo great shifts of growing.

The shaman lives side by side the spirits of nature, and when we finds the right balance, these spirits help us in the work of healing ourselves, help us in healing our clients and help us in walking our own path on earth. We are using the energy of the nature and forces to heal the wounds of our past, to fully step into a deep relationship with the collective mother that held us through all of our lives. We are walking as the keepers of the earth, as stewards of an ancient medicine and a new vibration that has reached the earth.

Power, in the Inca tradition, is the ability to listen and communicate with the flow of living energy that is the building blocks in everything you see around you and then being able to direct this energy with your soul and the force of the energy field. Power, therefore, is to consciously travel between the worlds of energy and to receive and give ancient rites and initiations through the warmth of the holy mountains of the Andes.

The Q’ero natives do not call themselves shamans. They call themselves Paqos which means medicine man, healer or priest. For the westerners to be able to understand and categorize the word ’Paqo’, we call ourselves shamans so that people in our society understand the importance of how we walk in contact with nature and it’s spirits. The word ‘Paqo’ is Quechua (the native language of the Inca empire) and comes from the word Paqocha, which is the newly born and soft alpaca foal. It is born to the world completely pure, innocent and with the softest wool it takes it’s first steps into the world. In the same way the Paqos strive to walk this world. Like a newborn baby or alpaca foal that without fear views the world through the heart in playfulness, purity and softness.

To call oneself a Paqo means to walk the Inca shamanic tradition as a guardian of life-force, the earth and the worlds beside us. To walk as a steward of the earth, with this authentic and pure energy medicine, which has been passed down from Paqo to student during thousands of years.

Undergoing becoming a Paqo means receiving the three major initiations to awaken deep healing and transformation with your relationship to the universe via unlocking your three power centres. With exercise and guidance to look beyond yourself, you will begin to be able to control and heal with energy and change situations within yourself. Paqos are rooted in the traditional Andean healing tradition. Here you are walk and stand for powerful values ​​like; balance, impeccability, reciprocity, love, integrity and discipline.

Although the tradition is taken incredibly seriously, we ourselves don’t forget to play through life, laugh from the soul and explore life. We see that life is not personal but that everything is happening for us and not against us. It does not rain to make us wet – it is just raining – but if we are out of balance, the universe will show us this, through creating life situations which tells us who we are and give us the chance to grow out of this imbalance. The shaman sees the opportunities in every path, listens to our soul calling and also follows our dreams to make them manifest in our lives.


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