Inca Shamanic Energymedicine and Healing

During my journey with the Inca Q’ero shamans, they have taught me their ancient wisdom about our energy field and it’s anatomy. We know that the body has organs and is a complex and fascinating mechanism but when I’m now studying the energy field I can see how this anatomy is at least as profound and complex as our physical body.  We wide range of tools and can use different treatments to heal our clients depending on whether the problem is mental, physical or spiritual.

In Inca shamanic energy medicine we can see that the spiritual health has a huge impact on your physical health, as what you are carrying energy wise affects and manifests how you live, think and lead your life.

Our energy field holds the significance for our health

Around our physical body there is an energy field that is holding the information of our physical, emotional and spiritual self. Just like a computer’s hardware/software that is controlling how the computer operates.

During an energy healing we are picking off the dense energies that have been created by emotional, genetic or karmic experiences in this or previous lives. These experiences and heavy energies leave imprints in our energy field. Heavy energies can be stored through the passage of time and disrupt the flow of energy that is meant to flow freely through our energy field, chakras and physical body.

When perform a healing, we heal the client’s cells where the impressions from past memories are carried. If impressions are activated and opened through life situations, confusion, pain or imbalance are felt in the heart. By then expressing these heavy emotions, they begin to create and produce heavy energy within ourselves that has a real and detrimental effect within our physical bodies. Self-made heavy energy is also manifested via our thoughts, depending on the place within ourselves, how we see opportunities or limitations, and how these thoughts influence these choices and life situations. Through years of training with the Paqo’s, I have learned to read the energy flow of the body and what basically informs what is written in the body’s cells. Within our cells both light and heavy memories can exist, and both still affect the client and also indirectly the client’s family.

Healing life situations from the past is the key to controlling your emotions, feelings and beliefs. It allows you to break free from how your past influences you and permeates your future and your perceptions of what is reasonable, likely or possible. You change your relationship to life itself, and break free from the various constraints and underlying beliefs that control your choices in life. When the brain is healed, it will hold the body’s cells in a new healed place, and when the next cell divisions occurs, that healed information is used begin to building a new healed body. A new body that is no longer controlled or lives by the events of your past but instead becomes a new body and the result of the one you want to be and will be in the future.

Since energies are not often perceived by our physical eyes, it is hard to know how we are affected by them. The only way for our energy field to make us aware of what energy we carry with us, is to show us through emotional and physical situations or challenges in our lives. By cleansing and transforming the energies within us that create symptoms like ill health, the energy field can be healed. The immune system is rebuilt from this new site, allowing the body to start healing itself. After thousands of healing sessions with clients, I have seen over and over again, how things which are deemed “incurable”; have been healed! Patterns that have affect clients and students their whole life, have changed within in a few sessions. This ancient way of healing goes deep and will affect all aspects

of how you perceive yourself, others, and life itself. The shifts you make through deep healing change and control how you live, age and how one day will leave your life.

Inka Shaman Healing writes about the programmed pillars that manifest your reality. As you change these, you no longer live as a result of your past, but instead become the result of the one you want to be and will be in the future.

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