Victor Forselius

Shaman, Paqo, Q´ero

Already as a child I felt different, as if a longing and a calling of an inner voice has been guiding me. I have always had a great spiritual vision and dream of the future and who I will become. A dream that has driven me like a strength through the difficulties that I encountered in my childhood and through life.

During my life I have been in deep contact with why I chose this life this time and have been deepening my contact with my spiritual journey through deep healing and spiritual development.

Already at kindergarten I could grab a stick, find the highest hill and call the wind to let the feeling of being at one with everything fill me.

A spiritual encounter and a glimpse of my destiny:

When I was about ten years old I was sitting alone one day on the bus on my way home from school with an older neighbor that I’ve know for all my life. We were sitting in silence and alone when someone by my side all of a sudden said:

– Hello Victor.

I looked at my neighbor and did not recognize her warm smile, eyes or voice. She looked at me with a love and comfort that I hadn’t seen before. I answered:


She looked me in the eyes and said; My name is; I…. And said a name that was pronounced in a way that I never heard of before and that I don’t remember today. She told me that she was from another world, a world that I did not know of then but was in contact with. She told me that I maybe wouldn’t understand what she was saying but that I one day would understand this meeting.

She told me that I was chosen to a journey and a task during this life, that I may not understand this now but that my spiritual path in due time would reveal itself. That I would regain the contact to the world that she was coming from and where they held a place for me.

Even thought I felt like I knew this young woman – like an old childhood friend and neighbor – it was a completely different person that was talking to me through her. I was calm and understood what she said. Even when she was talking about me being chosen, I calmly bowed my head and naturally said:

– I know, I have always felt it.

Our conversation did not last for too long but the message was clear. I stepped off the bus and looked at her, we said goodbye and she carried on travelling with the bus. I was excited to get confirmation what I had always felt within me was true. Even several years after the day that I had met my neighbour, it was as if she did not know what had happened then and during those minutes on the bus. Since that day I have never met that woman or her voice that was visiting me from another world, but I have always been carrying her words with me and today I understand what she meant.

I also understand that every human being is chosen and see myself as one of seven billion people on the earth. Neither higher or lower, that hierarchy doesn’t exist and that her words do not make me something more special than anyone else. I know that each human being’s journey is a unique journey where we create our world together and meet experiences that brings us in contact with our soul’s journey. 

The difference is that I have always known who I am in my essence, that the knowledge and feeling of why I came to the earth has been intact since the day I was born. That knowing is today a driving force that to me is in deep contact with the stars that my soul comes from, my spiritual path and meaning with life. I am no Jesus, Buddha, or even a shaman. Im Victor Forselius, part of the creation, just like you. And I walk my path through the Inca shamanic energy medicine as a paqo, as it is one of the oldest, pure, loving and intact paths of spirituality I have met.

When I met the Q’ero shamans I was brought in contact with a spiritual language that has been kept for over 25,000 years. A wisdom that I already been in contact with for as long as I can remember. Valuations about the universe and how we walk in contact with everything living, that I in my inner stand for today. I am now driven by vision and my dreams of a beautiful future, to be in service to our community, my fellows, my country, the earth, the animals and all life on earth. I am driven by my spiritual path and my spiritual purpose of this life and want to help all those who feel called to find the same deep contact and meaning with themselves to help them get the tools to do so. To once again meet harmony, reciprocity and balance in deep contact with the universe, nature and your soul’s journey on earth. I know who I am; and I am ready with my amazing assistants to guide you to meet your greatest destiny and the journey that calls you in this life.


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