to Q´ero Medicine

My name is Victor Forselius and I am honored to invite you to open up and step into a journey through the warmth and power of the Andes. Meet the wisdom, healing and deep personal development of the Inka Shaman tradition in a journey beyond words.

For nine years I have walked alongside the Q’ero people, and have learnt how to master energy and to realize that together we create our reality. They have guided me through an ancient tradition which they call “the way through the heart” and they have taught me to transform my deepest wounds into my greatest sources of power and compassion.

Once considered to be a myth, we found these people in the Andean mountains in 1955. About 30 years ago, they were called from their remote villages by their ancient prophesies that talked about the time we live today. Today they share a 10,000 year old and healing tradition with the people in the West, to help us once again reconnect with our spiritual health. With great support from the universe and the power of this healing tradition which flows through the soul and heart, they pass on their knowledge to the modern man in the West. This means that we once again can remember, experience and manage a world where all life lives in a relationship of sacred reciprocity. A journey of harmonizing man with the earth, all living and understanding our journey through the universe.

My vision is to awaken and train these shamans / paqos, who will be the next generation’s deeply advanced and powerful healers. Those who walk with beauty, impeccability and who through their balance can control life and transform the fate of man.

You always have the opportunity to re-create harmony and restore joy to your life. Be held on this journey by the Q’ero shamans and myself and leant the tools you need to consciously heal your restricting and wounded impressions from your past lives. The tools that will transform the story the story of your past and create your future reality.

In 2007, I made a choice which gave me the opportunity to, today, be able to transform my personal journey and choose which energies flow through me and affect my life. Today, I see the world from a higher perspective instead of from the limiting thoughts and emotional obstacles which were created in my past. You now have the possibility to heal these sores and feelings to instead, turn and face to the future and create the life and fate you actually want to experience.

You no longer need to be the result of the past, but instead can be the result of who you want to be and become that person in the future.
Meet me and the Q’ero shamans and together through our spiritual travels and courses, receive over 25,000 years of wisdom and change your life to bring the gift of your soul into reality.

Tukuy Sonqoymanta ”From the deepest vibrations of my heart”

Victor Forselius – Hatun Apuchen